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CargoFlexX Flexxvac System succesfull in operation

The Netherlands based CargoFlexX Group is proud to announce that the second out of six FlexXVac systems to be delivered to Master Boat Builders and operated by Seacor Marine LLC, has been taken into operation successfully.

The first vessel was delivered in May of this year and started its operations. The second vessel has been delivered week 35 of 2016.

The FlexXVac system is beneficial compared to the conventional P-tank systems used for dry bulk storage on-board of OSV’s. By implementing the FlexXVac system instead of the P-tank one. The OSV’s are capable to contain up to 30% more dry bulk cargo inside the original cargo hold compared to the conventional P-tank system.

Common knowledge proofs that the technology is different from the technology already existing for a long period of time. However the operator will hardly notice the change of improved technology.

CargoFlexX fully automated the system this resulting into an easy to operate system. By keeping the HMI “lean & mean” the operator is not bothered by unnecessary information.

The market is ready for a change in thinking, working and reduction of the operational cost.

The CargoFlexX Group aims to optimize the complete supply chain, from transshipment centers to ports, from ports to rigs, from rigs to shore. By optimization the CargoFlexX Group is of strong opinion that benefits can be created on the financial, as well as the environmental field. These changes are needed when operating in the “new” market and the “new” global environment.

The FlexXVac system is an example of how this target can be achieved. CargoFlexX likes to emphasis that these OSV’s are the first two US build, US flagged and USCG (coast guard) approved OSV’s with a FlexXVac system implemented.

The CargoFlexX Group is continuously developing new technologies and new systems on storage and transportation of dry bulk materials as well as liquids and gasses, with a special focus on efficiency, safety and financial feasibility.

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