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Future proof dry bulk handling FlexXVac ECO®

Ready to optimize your self-discharging cement carrier fleet? To take more cargo, reduce your energy consumption and operate safely? FlexXVac ECO® facilitates you.


Ship designs become more efficient due to continuous changing regulations in the field of environment and safety. Because of this designs become more lean, ship designs and shapes become more slim and long. Secondly the shipping market changes, self-discharging bulk carries need to be more flexible in terms of the cargoes they carry such as cement, GGBSF and fly-ash.


Because of the above economics change, cargo hold arrangements change and loading profiles changes.


CargoFlexX in co-operation with Cement Distribution Consultants  developed a new generation optimized cargo handling solution the FlexXVac ECO® system. By a smart and lean design in combination with repositioning of the needed equipment and optimized automation an more economical self-discharging dry bulk carrier design is created.


The FlexXVac ECO® system can easily be implemented during a conversion of an existing vessel or extremely efficient be implemented in a new design and new build self-discharging dry bulk carrier.


The main benefits are, higher cargo intake capacity, reduction of energy consumption during operations, lower center of gravity, lower overall system weight and more operational flexibility of the vessel during its life cycle.


Contact us for more information to make sure all your new to come ships are ready for the future.




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