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The SodaFlexx® EGCS is a dry powder unit that injects sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) powder directly into the exhaust gas stream to neutralise sulphur compounds (SOx). In the heat and turbulence of the exhaust gas stream, a chemical reaction occurs converting SOx to a highly stable and non-toxic salt – Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4). This salt is released safely into the atmosphere (STANDARD) or can be captured by our bespoke cyclone Particulate Capture System (HYBRID) and recycled ashore. The SodaFlexx® EGCS can be connected to the main engine and also to auxiliary generators, boilers, and incinerators. The system is fitted to suit the individual ship, and can consist of bespoke storage units or pre-fabricated containerised and stackable units on a TEU footprint. The absorbent handling and dosing equipment design is based on decades of experience in dry powder handling, and ensures that the system is dosed optimally and safely for the required emissions zone. SodaFlexx® is presently trialling our Carbon Capture technology as an added component of the system.

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