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Ports & Terminals

To unload dry cargo ships with cementitious products pneumatic ship unloaders are and can be used. At the CargoFlexX Group we believe flexibility (yes it is all in the name) is of high importance when engineering and developing a terminal. Looking at the global economy there are up’s and down’s in the different markets this is also applicable to the bulk industry.

The CargoFlexX Group develops, engineers, builds, delivers and maintains ship unloading solutions with a wide variety of discharging rates. These units can be road mobile, port mobile or fixed units at the key side depending on the location and the terminal requirements.

If a dry cargo ship is being discharged storage facilities will be needed as well as truck loading, sacking machines and more… The CargoFlexX Group is able to provide the complete engineering of a terminal including the delivery, placement and maintenance.

By thinking out of the box, a box shaped ship unloading solution has been engineered. This gives a easy to place, easy to remove and flexible terminal solution.

“Make us your team member and we will add value”

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