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System Description

N-FlexX® uses a technology that is operational at landbased installations for decades. We have made this technology suitable for marine enviroments. The process is injecting an absorbent in powder form directly into the exhaust stack of any marine machinery. At exhaust temperatures, the absorbent is reactive with SOx and absorbs it through a chemical reaction. The result is a harmless compound that safely leaves the funnel. It is a dry system with no toxic chemicals or (sea-)water, and there is no wash-water discharged into the sea.

N-FlexX® uses a fully automated control system which is fully integrated with both an exhaust gas monitoring system and the vessel’s existing engine monitoring system. This results in the optimal amount of absorbent for Sulphur reduction of 0,5% to as low as 0%.

System options

  • Horizontal plug and play containerized (20'- 40') unit.
  • Containerized storage units
  • Integrated unit (custom project specific designed).

System advantages

  • Easy ( low cost/time) to instal
  • Low CAPEX
  • Minimal power consumption
  • No (sea)water or (chemical ) liquids required
  • Attractive delivery times
  • 24/7 support via distance monitoring system

Other benefits

  • No pump installation required
  • Dry-docking not required
  • Flexible installation location on ship
  • Worldwide availability of sodium bicarbonate
  • No hazardous chemicals needed

Company introduction 

N-FlexX® member of the CargoFlexX Group is founded by technically skilled and experienced people with a passion for technology. Driven by ambition we strive to provide the best technical solutions in the field of cargo handling systems, machinery and equipment. With a specialization in dry bulk and liquids.  

Together with our strategic partners the group has lots of experience in the field of transporting dry bulk materials. Besides the delivery of cargo handling systems/bulk storage & transfer systems CargoFlexX is also involved in a high number of consulting/advisory jobs where the knowledge that has been build up over the years. CargoFlexX is familiar in developping optimized ships, rigs, jack-ups, plants and ports & terminals.

With above knowledge and experience N-FlexX® is introducing an Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS). Due to the fact no water like the conventional systems is needed and a dry powder is transported and injected we refer to this system as a "Dry scrubber" system.


For more information you can contact directly Mr. Sander Castel, CargoFlexX Group / N-FlexX.

Telephone number is +316 2926 7097 or by e-mail sander.castel@cargoflexx.com or fill in contact form.

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